Hate Crimes Prevail

From the national headlines of Trayvon Martin to the local hate crime against Brian Denham, it is highly evident that hate crimes are still prevalent in America. While all of society’s systems are in need of work to help put an end to crimes of hate, the legal system is in desperate need of change. President Obama may have signed a bill into federal law to include sexual orientation and gender as federal hate crimes, but state laws tell a different story of where our nation stands in terms of laws against hate crimes.

Five states still have no hate crime laws at all, and fifteen of the states that do have hate crime laws do not include sexual orientation of gender identity within their hate crime laws.

Click here to view a map that clearly defines which states have what laws pertaining to hate crimes.

There is much work to be done to fight against hate crimes and state laws must show an effort to join in on this fight.

“Give a Damn” about hate crimes.


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