What would you do if you walked out to your car one day and saw a derogatory term spray painted across the window and hood? That is what happened to Erin Davies as she walked out to her car one average morning, turning Davies into an above average activist. The words “fag” and “U R gay” were spray painted across her car, and instead of getting the words off her car, she instead took her “fagbug” on a cross country road trip to raise awareness of hate crimes.

Although a form of activism and attempt to raise awareness, this work of activism took on a lot of criticism, mainly by the gay community. Is driving a car with the word “fag” written across it progressive or is it only perpetuating hate? While some people throughout the film applaud Davies for what she is doing, others applaud the one who vandalized her car. The word fag is one full of hate, originally meaning a burning bundle of sticks, next meaning a person who is burnt at the stake for “deviant sexual behavior,” and now a derogatory term against the gay community.

So does driving across country with this word painted across a car mean that it is OK to use this language against the gay community? Does it mean the gay community should claim this word as a positive? Or does it show the hurt that comes with using this language? It is hard to tell how people will interpret this message, and most will interpret it in different ways.

You can watch fagbug online and make the judgement yourself. Activism or deactivism?

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